We offer the following Grades :-

Chemical Composition
Grade %C %Si %Mn %S %P %Cr %V
50Cr4V2 0.45 -0.55 0.10.-0.35 0.50-0.80 0.05 max 0.05 max 0.90-1.20 0.15-0.30
16MnCr5 0.14-0.19 0.20.-0.40 1.00-1.30 0.03 max 0.02 max 0.80-1.10 -
Width: 8 mm to 500 mm
Thickness: 0.50 mm to 5.00 mm
Hardness: Fully annealed(soft) material with a maximum hardness of 210 VPN.
Surface Finish: Bright

Form of SupplyMaterials are supplied in coil form. If any special I.D. & O.D. requirements are there, that can be maintained. Further, material can also be supplied in cut lengths, if required by the customer.

Applications: Caps, Picture Tubes, Safety Pins, Hinges, Clips, Cans, Body Panels, Numerous Components for Automobile Industry, Defence, Rolling Shutters, Concertina Wire .etc.