Hardening and Tempering is a thermal process that strengthens steel through a controlled heating and cooling process.

This process will result in improved mechanical properties and give a tougher more durable product. The hardening process involves heating the steel to above the critical temperature for the given grade and then rapidly cooling. Whilst this process achieves the highest mechanical strengths and hardness's, steel in this condition is extremely brittle and therefore requires further treatment in the form of tempering. This consists of reheating the steel to a lower temperature and holding the steel at the given temperature for a given period of time. As with traditional annealing (used to soften steels) this process is conducted in an inert atmosphere to avoid oxidation.

We offer the following grades in hardened tempered steel strips :-

Chemical Composition
C-550.50 -0.600.10.-0.350.50-0.650.050.05---
C-650.60 -0.700.10.-0.350.50-0.650.050.05---
C-80/C-750.70 - 0.850.10.- 0.350.50 - 0.800.050.05---
C-98/C100S0.90 - 1.050.10.- 0.350.50 - 0.800.050.05---
50Cr4V20.45-0.550.10.-0.350.60-0.900.050.050.90-1.20.15-0.30 -

Width:6 mm to 550 mm.
Thickness:0.05 mm to 4.00 mm.
Hardness:30 HRC Min to 58 HRC Max.
Surface Finish:Bright polished, Blue, Brown & Grey.
Edges:One or both side edge round, square & chamfered & sheared edge.


Materials are supplied in coil form. If any special I.D. & O.D. requirements are there, that can be maintained. Further, material can also be supplied in cut lengths, if required by the customer.


Automobile Sector: Flapper Valve for Shock Absorber, Flat Spring for Clutches, Seat Belt Spring, Retractor Spring for automotive seat belt, Wiper Blade Steel, Circlips, Chain Guide .etc.
Carpentry/Wood Working Tools: Handsaw, Plastering Trowel, Circular Saw, Bandsaw Blades, Crosscut Saw, Pit Saw .etc.
Marble/Stone Cutting Tools : Gangsaw Blades, Circular Saw Blanks.
Other Applications: Flexible Die Steel, Doctor Blades for Paper Industry, Luggage Handle, Snap Ring for Filter Bag, Masonry & Agricultural Tools, Reed & Discharge Valve for Compressor, Coil spring, Retractor Spring for Vaccum Cleaner, Band Knives, Leather Splitting Knives, Drop Pins for Textile Industry, Spring & Spring Washers etc.